Alloy wheels Vs. Carbon Fibre wheels

Alloy wheels Vs. Carbon Fibre wheels

To pick the right wheel, you need to consider a few things; first you need to know what’s within your budget because there are as much affordable wheels as there are expensive ones in the market. On an average, many wheels sit within a price range of $250 to $15,000, which all depends on the quality and type of construction. Other criteria includes durability of wheels, its resistance to corrosion, the endurance of brakes and its ability to endure harsh weather bad roads and driving conditions in order to enjoy a smooth ride. When it comes to the quality of wheels, most people look towards the alloy wheels for greater Performance, hardly do they realize that everything isn’t alloy. The alloy wheels may have been serving to the greatest of its capacity but that’s not where performance ends, there’s room for more, this room has been occupied by the carbon fibre wheel. The carbon fibre wheels have enhancing qualities that have proven to make your driving experience unique and mind-blowing altogether.

We already know that the light weight of alloy wheels gives it a good performance, smooth handling and cornering, great steering precision and braking response and over-all safety but here’s what carbon fibre wheels have to offer on the other hand:

Improved acceleration of up to 8% more than the light alloy wheels

Impact testing has infact proven that carbon wheels tend to have 32% more resistance to impact than the light alloy wheels – this is a whopping challenge to the almighty alloy.

Again, using carbon fibre wheels help in saving up to 8% of energy on the CCE consumption cycle. More again on the reasons why you should consider carbon fibre wheels to alloy is the fact that during production, the carbon wheel is 53% more energy efficient than the alloy wheels production.

Other benefits include: enhanced handling and driving comfortability, high strength, endurance and durability and good braking response.

When it comes to outlook appearance, carbon fibre wheels are equally as aesthetically appealing as the light alloy wheels and can even allow for more varieties of ultra-classic designs. So with high performance and aesthetics , zero compromise on strength, energy-saving abilities and extensive engineering design, the carbon fibre wheels stand to challenge  alloy wheels anytime, any day.

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