The evolution of motorbikes has been continuous and the technological advancement are reaching a height much distant than the early motorbikes and this has categorized motorbikes into various forms – the cruisers, touring bikes, dirt bikes, and dual-sport bikes. Different top manufacturers are competing steadily to come out with the very best. If you are interested in getting a motorbike from these top competitors in the business, it is important to know who and who we are looking out for, we have Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Indian, Triumph and Yahama. There are a lot more names in the motorbike world but these are the top leading brands and you already know what to expect when you get one of these.

Now, the purpose of your getting a bike is exactly what to consider before you go spending your hard earned money on one. If you are strictly looking for a means of conveyance or you are tired of shuffling long distance to your work place and you need something swift and portable, then what you need is a standard bike. If you are a commuter with a taste for something a little stylish then you probably need a cruiser bike. If your ride will usually take long hours and through long distances then you should get a touring bike. If you’re thirsty for some sporting, you sure need a sport bike. If you are going to be riding over rough terrains and unpaved roads, you most likely need a dirt-bike as its special tires and suspension will help through every rough journey – yes, your regularly ridden path also determines what type of motorbike you need to get.

It would also be wise to follow your budget, you are either shopping for a brand new motorbike or you are bringing the budget a little down to used motorbikes, so in case you are opting for the latter, you need to have some things checked so that you do not go cashing in on a poorly maintained bike which would lead to unforeseen issues or accidents. Here are things you should do:

  • Check the engine for any leakages.
  • Make sure the chain is tight and clean and not caked in grime or covered in rust as this would be a sign of poor maintenance.
  • It should not waste much time in starting up and there should be less smoke emitted
  • If the brake discs are blue it means they have been overheated/dragged
  • Cracked, torn or rusted parts means the bike has probably being overused
  • If some parts are too new for the bike as a whole then it was probably replaced with an aftermarket part, while these may not be so bad, it’s good to ensure that they are not just some cheap inferior parts that would wear out fast and cause damages, change them to quality ones if necessary.

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